What we do

Our key activities include:

  • Technology providing: We will provide Computers, Expertise, Internet Connectivity to bring effective learning environments to the students in the areas which are most disadvantaged and in need. We work on behalf of all students, especially the most disadvantaged ones, who struggle to get to school and make sure they get a proper education, strong growth and achieve full technology facilities and training. Our main goals are to help students with disadvantages and disabilities has a balanced education environment as other students.
  • Development program: We will provide training in English, computer skills, and other subjects relating to Information Technology. Our goal is to provide young students with access to the technology, to learn computer skills and English with Experts, which can help them to find the reasonable, highly paid and stability jobs in the growth sector of the economy in their future.
  • Scholarship program: We will give scholarships to disadvantaged students, including a monthly allowance, school fee, textbooks, notebooks, pens and school uniforms… Since poverty is a major factor that causes students to leave school early, our goal is to ensure that all students who have to leave school or whose education is interrupted because of poverty can attend school by financial support to their families. To achieve this goal, we provide for each student in our scholarship program the school year tuition, uniforms, all textbooks, notebooks and pens that they need. We also help in case of special needs, such as illness or death of a parent, wheelchairs, reading glasses, tuition for extra courses, which they and we agree that they need to explore their full potential.
  • Working with others organizations: This has been developed to help students with disabilities to build a better life through learning by using technology. We seek to achieve this by providing specialist organizations with financial support to create or enhance educational opportunities for young students with disabilities. We target small, local Vietnamese organizations working directly with students with disabilities.