The criteria for evaluation

1. Before starting the project

a. Did we properly identify the problems that the rural communities face when working with volunteers? Was the process for gathering information successful?

b. What was the target organizations’ feedback on the project? Were they ready?

c. Did we create a culturally and regionally appropriate resource?

d. Was the project appropriate for the participants and did they feel it was useful?

e. Did the project contain useful/applicable information about volunteer management?

2. After finishing the project

f. How much did the project improve the target organizations by providing this aide?

g. How many students/children did they have before the program is applied? And how many students/children did they have after the program is applied?

h. Did the number increase or decrease? What made this change?

i. How did the students/children feel about the project? Did they learn something useful from the project?

k. How did the organizations review the outcomes of the program?