How we work

Firstly, we will ask orphanages and disabled children organizations to have meetings with our staff to evaluate their current programs and students to see whether they are a fit with our programs.


Secondly, we will pay a visit to the organizations and make a report about their condition such as: learning environment, space for computers, internet access, number of students, learning program, equipments for teaching and learning…

Thirdly, we will provide the Computers, Expertise and Internet Connectivity based on the specified condition of each selected organization or area.

During the project, we will send our staff/volunteers to the selected organization. They will work with the participants and record all activities of the project to evaluate the changes that it brings to them.

Finally, we will make an evaluation on how much the project influences its participants and in what way (good or bad) the project makes them change.

We believe that the project will help the carefully targeted students make all the difference. We believe that by focusing on the educational needs of students in the most difficult areas, we can create positive changes to their lives. We will measure our outcomes by comparing the educational results before and after the program is applied.